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  • 04/07/2019
R&R Swag Swift Blue
R&R Swag Swift Outfit Created by Tristin Bracken & Athayus Quan

Welcome to, this is my personal web site for all my online, xr, mx, vr, ar and creative activities, projects, crazy ideas as well as a Sandbox / Portfolio!

This site is currently in development however over time I will be adding content related to various projects I am working on or have in development including website’s I’ve created as well as build notes related to those sites.

I’ll also plan to add my online / virtual portfolio content that includes digital and virtual photography, 3d fashion which I’ve co-created with Tristin Bracken and others, 3d Modeling, Virtual Environments, Level Design, gaming servers, modding and other.

I plan also add products and services I think end users may find useful as well as add tutorials and articles users may find interesting. I’ll try and update an about me page in the near future as well as information about our online family.

Please note that my name Athayus Quan is my Alias or Virtual Name for which I use on various Virtual Platforms, in Virtual Reality, and using various Mixed Media platforms and / or also in online gaming.

I also have in development my business site and information for the Real Life side of myself which I will link later for those interested in things that relate to the Real Life side of my life but for now this site is for my Virtual Identity and Online / Virtual Portfolio in a nutshell.

This may sound odd or different if your coming to this site as a Real Life person or someone that is new to online and virtual existence or maybe not.

I’ve spent over 25 years online and so over that period of time have developed many projects, products and services and a massed a massive amount of knowledge and a portfolio over that time.

I am a very real person so think of Athayus, as not so much an alter ego but more of an extension of the real me from a virtual perspective. Most people online have an alias or persona they operate with for me that is Athayus Quan.

With the above said I have a very full real life with an amazingly supportive family, friends, and loved ones as well as a design & marketing business, portfolio, services, skills, passions, dreams, extreme sports and more. However feel I need a separate site for that as well (TBA).

So the focus of this site will be more on my online and virtual activities and we’ll go from there. ~Athayus Quan

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