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  • 04/11/2019
OrBSydia – The Art of Gaming created by Athayus Quan

OrBSydia the art of gaming is a network I created more than 24 years ago, over the last few months I’ve been rewriting the site. The focus of the site is a combination of systems including Fan Sites, Game Developer Discussion Forums and Games we play organized into gaming group ecosystems.

This network and site is like a child to me that I’ve watched grow over the years. I’ve been taking my time at development and having fun with it. We have an online family of gamers that play together.

We currently have 3 dedicated servers running this network, the site it’s self and 2 gaming servers. Currently one for the Survival Game Conan Exiles and one for Atlas which is a pirate adventure survival game in which we have created a custom map for it.

Our group enjoys creative game level design, game modding, programming, 2D & 3D modeling and design, building networks, creating in virtual environments in various game engines, on various virtual platforms, sandbox games and playing a number of single player and online games together as a guild, clan, legion, group etc between various development projects.

More information to follow. If you’d like to join this network contact Athayus Quan Aka Formally (Admin Khaybel)

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