It's that time again, every 6 months or so I update servers from ground up, this month I did more focuses on our mail servers. I've forwarded a number of donates to this server so this site will show up till I get the back-end systems correctly setup.

I'll be consolidating some of my older servers, both with backups then moving over here. Then upgrading both the cpu's and volume page on each. It's a bit of process but I feel it's worth it in the long end.

As Flckr doesn't allow email change I've deleted my old account and created a new one. I've updated the links under my Respected Sites, section of the site with the new account URL. Will be uploading new art soon. As for those following and other I'll slowly add everyone back asap.

Athayus QuanOfficial Logo for Athayus Quan

This is a new minimalist logo I created for my personal website here. The goal was to make something I could use on a number of media sources. Which i could style on various business cards, flyers and virtual outlets.

Welcome to my new website, this website has been setup for me to have a place for sharing my designs, random thoughts, portfolio, projects and anything else I'd like to share with curious souls.